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The Best 5 Simple Ways To Find Ant Control Remedies

Date Added: December 13, 2017 08:24:15 PM
Author: Cassandra Miller
Category: Blogs: Business
It is very disturbing to have ant inside the house and this is a common occurrence if pest control in Citrus Heights is not used. It is very difficult to clear the ant off because they will return in most cases, parading around the house just like the pesky little pests that they are. So how do you carry out ant control? Below are 5 simple ways by which ant control in Sacramento and ant control in Citrus Heights can be carried out: 1. The first thing is to remove all things that attract ants, drinks, foods, and garbage are some of the things which attract ant and should be avoided so as to effect ant control in Elk Grove. These items should not be left on tables, counter tops, and other surfaces so that ants would not crowd on them. All food items should be stored in a designated container which would be sealed or in the fridge so as to effectively control ants. There is a need to also place an outside container for garbage so as to keep discarded food containers and other trash away from the kitchen. There is also a need to always collect the trash. 2. Use strong smelling spices like cinnamon and garlic to carry out ant control. What ants do is that they leave their scent so that other ants follow and this would give rise to the parade which you usually come across. The combination of strong aroma of cinnamon and garlic would repel ants, thus making them to crawl away. It is essential to place a clove of garlic and sticks of cinnamon in an environment where the ants are coming from. 3. You can also use the white vinegar as an insecticide spray to effect ant control. Vinegar is a natural fungicide and insecticide at the same time and is perfect for preventing ants from invading the surfaces and can be applied in areas where ants would get access to your home. 4. Ensure you destroy the entire ant’s sense of smell by placing mint leaves within the premises of the house. Windows, doorways, and gaping holes are good areas to leave few leaves. Apart from mint, other plants that work perfectly include lavender, thyme, peppers, as well as basil. 5. If there is an occurrence of anthills within the environment, boiling water can be poured on it so as to control the ants. Anthills can be destroyed easily by boiling water because the heat will destroy the ants living within. Ensure to sweep the remains out of the house and also clean the whole surface with the remedies mentioned earlier. With these 5 remedies, it is also essential to maintain good sanitation so as to keep the pests away from your home in Citrus Heights, Elk Grove and Sacramento. Ants and other harmful organisms grow well in a musty environment, this is why it is essential to keep your environment clean and dry so as to avoid the manifestation of these pests. Ensure you take time to clean the environment properly. The above solution is very effective unless there is a huge infestation which requires professional need. These methods are very effective for the prevention of ants from invading your homes and also stop them from building up colonies. If you want an expert ant and other pest control in Citrus Heights, you can always contact a professional pest exterminator to help you.


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