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Date Added: January 11, 2018 08:52:16 PM
Author: Bryon Boehm
Category: Business & Economy: Retail Equipment
If you want to open two shops, but do not want to be Taobao identified as repeated shop, you can through the following Xiaobian finishing Taobao to avoid duplication of the shop to achieve the Oh, the following content for your reference. If you need to open two shops, and the two shops operating the goods are the same, then you have to use two did not have the login account opened, and later can not be the same IP address landing, shop The seller information can not be consistent, you can pull two telecommunications broadband, as long as the two broadband addresses can not be together, the IP address to determine, you can contact the telecommunications consulting can be. If you need to open two shops operating a different product, then you can use the same IP address on it, because the most important reason to determine the repeated distribution of goods is the two shops in the same goods. One sentence is that if you want to open two shops selling the same goods, then you need to let Taobao know the two shops of the seller is no contact. If you want to open a number of shops operating different goods, you can rest assured that the opening. Do not discuss this matter whether it is reasonable, we analyze from the technical point of view. Taobao above the customer service staff said: If the two shopkeepers in the same computer operation, can not rule out the possibility of opening a branch or co-operation. Taobao know that users are on the same computer shop. u0026 nbsp; and how do you find that the user is on the same computer shop? Possible information is: site name, submitted ID number, phone number, access to IP, computer only information .... The site name is clearly not out of the conclusion, ID card number is unlikely, the above mentioned is another person, computer access to the IP is random, it can not be used as a basis for judging. what will it be? We think of a commonly used encryption: get the machine's unique content checker ID information, are generally selected hard disk serial number or network card MAC address. But the browser is not directly access the information, Taobao is how to mention it? We think of the machine is often installed on another software: Taobao Want, it is a client software, support in the machine, have all the permissions, you can certainly mention this information. Here we use SSM to prove this speculation: 1, open the SSM (to ensure that the rules which do not allow or prohibit the rules of Taobao Want) 2, open Taobao Want Want 3, then SSM jump out of a running program dialog box, point 'allow' 4, followed by three tips to modify the registry, point confirmation can be 5, then there will be a 'bottom disk access' dialog box, suggesting that Want Want access u0026 quot; \? \ PhysicalDrive0 u0026 quot ;, this is what we are looking for, what does it mean? This prompt is to call the relevant Windows API to get to the bottom of the disk, like some tools that need direct access to the disk here will have this prompt. When you log in, Want Want software will be your machine's unique logo: hard disk ID number sent to Taobao server, if the user the second time with another user login, Taobao think you are 'can not Excluding the possibility of opening a store or co-operation, 'and then give you a closed shop - this also reflects Taobao now a dominance after the domineering. u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; The above uses a small example to indicate a small feature of SSM's functional use. Using SSM, we can really understand the Windows system more operations. In the face of SSM tips, if you do not understand, and more than google or check the information, so that they can slowly improve their own. Of course, the above example, through other methods such as Sniffer packet analysis, disassembly Want code can also be done, but that degree will be a little more difficult. In Taobao registration, it will record the user's machine only information. Taobao how to avoid duplication of the shop? The above is a small series of Taobao to avoid the contents of repeated shop, hoping to help you. More exciting Taobao information in the open Amoy network. Please keep an eye on Amoy. Ben network content constantly updated Oh Recommended reading: 2017 the most complete Taobao operating manual out! 2017 Taobao shop which trend? What do small sellers do? Taobao novice shop which anti-cheat skills?


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